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3 Things To Know About RV Insurance

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A recreational vehicle, also called an RV, is an excellent fit for those who love to take their accommodations on the road. RVs come in various sizes, ranging from travel trailers to full-on motorhomes. If you have an RV, you want to ensure it's protected with an insurance policy. However, while RV insurance has some things in common with automobile insurance, a few things may differ. Here's what to know about RV insurance.

What Types Of Coverages Are Available

Since RVs are essentially a home on wheels for many, different coverages are available. What types of coverage you need and how much will depend on your RV and what you use it for. When it comes to RV insurance coverage, your options aren't that different than what you would find for an automobile insurance policy. RV insurance coverage options include comprehensive, liability, and collision coverages. Other optional RV coverages include vacation liability coverage, roadside assistance, and even replacement cost coverage for items inside your RV. 

Size Matters When It Comes To Insurance

Another thing to know about RV insurance is that size matters when it comes to the price of your policy and what type of policy you need. For example, if you have a camper that you tow, the liability insurance on the vehicle used for towing may extend to your camper. However, other types of coverage, like collision and comprehensive, may not extend to the camper. The larger your RV is, the higher your insurance costs are likely to be. How you use your RV also may impact which RV insurance plan best suits your needs. 

How Much It Costs

Finding an affordable RV insurance plan that fits your needs is crucial. How much you pay for RV insurance depends on how much coverage you require and the type of RV you want to insure. Class A recreational vehicles are the most expensive to insure, with an annual policy coming in between $1,000 and $1,300 per year. RV insurance plans for Class C motorhomes range between $800 and $1,000 per year. Insurance rates for Class B RVs can vary significantly.

There are a few things you should know about RV insurance. First, there are different types of coverages available, and you'll want to look for ones that suit your needs. Second, the size of your RV will impact what insurance plans are available and how much they cost. Finally, the cost of RV insurance varies, but the larger the RV, the more you will pay to insure it.  

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