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Getting Insurance After License Suspension: The SR22

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Whatever the reason your license is ultimately suspended, once the suspension happens you will have a very tough road ahead if you ever want to drive again. Not only must you untangle the direct license-related issues that caused the trouble, but you are generally no longer able to use a typical insurance policy when driving. In fact, you may need a special policy and a special form: the SR22.

What is this document?

Any SR22 form serves a single purpose: to notify your state's Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) or Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that you've taken required steps to find and purchase the special policy needed to drive after suspension.

How Do You Know if You Need One?

Your DMV or MVC will alert you that you need this form in the weeks following your suspension. Calling them or visiting an office will also provide that information.

Can You Get the Form from Your Old Insurance Company?

Even if your current insurance policy was paid for, they may not offer the kind of policy that will generate or fulfill an SR22. You might contact multiple insurers only to discover that only a few in your state can offer the policy you must acquire.

How Much Will the Policy Cost?

While costs vary, prepare yourself now gone paying significantly more. Your status as a suspended driver greatly affects your premium. You might need to become serious about tightening your belt in other areas to be comfortable affording this new policy.

Who's Responsible for Delivering the SR22?

You're unlikely to see or touch this document personally. Your insurer will deliver it, either through the postal service or  online portal. Checking with both the DMV/MVC and the insurer will give you some reasonable idea of when you may drive again, assuming your license is reinstated.

How Long Must You Keep the SR22 Insurance?

Your MVC/DMV will notify you about how long you need to hold the policy before allowing you to switch back to a general, regular policy. For some drivers, it could be a matter of a couple years. Until you're certain, be sure you're driving safely and setting enough money aside to easily handle policy costs.

After sorting your license and getting the policy that will satisfy SR22 requirements, driving is possible again. Ensure you're in regular contact with your insurer and the DMV/MVC to avoid more problems and issues

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